Band Members

Parag jain- Vocalist

A band’s major element is the Vocalist. Dastak proudly possess a semi classical singer Parag, who started his singing at the age of 10. With time, his passionate vocal skills were more polished after he pursued a training in classical singing. He is one of those few vocalists who is supremely comfortable with a Sufi influenced rendition and can hold his own with a Western Pop/Rock composition. Not only is his God gifted voice the band’s most prized possession, but being genre-agnostic and open to new sounds/experiences, means he has a lot of tricks up his ‘Dastak’ to make sure the audience is entertained. Well something that law of nature says, “ there is always a soul to which the body is attached with.” The soul of Dastak is Parag. He is probably the spine of the band, managing things and thus binding the whole band together. He is very passionate and dedicated towards the dream of Dastak performing in every corner of the globe. Under the guidance of Pandit Sarathi chatterjee from BanarasGharana,Parag has been expanding his areas of expertise in HINDUSTANI CLASSICALMUSIC for the past 2 years now.In the year 2007, Parag was one of the final contestants in COLGATE MAXFRESH ANTAKSHIRI. He was also one of the top 50 contestants in VOICEOF INDIA jr.Parag is currently a SOUND ENGINEER in AUDIO CRAFTS. He professionally is a qualified AUDIO ENGINEER and Musical Production (technical), which he pursued from Sri Aurobindo Center For Arts & Communication.

An enthusiastic musician by nature, Professionally he is a guitarist. Experimenting with music is fun to him. Thus his experiments leads to progressive and psychedelic music which is actually fusion of various metal, jazz, folk, indie and soft acoustic components. With a metal backdrop, Hitesh Garg is always upto new experiments with an outcome of innovative and creative tune in an union of various genres. He is highly inspired by the work of john mayer, john petrucci, guthrie govan, steve vai, joe satriani and hendrix... Making it to the best at this age... Usually he playes death metal and progressive metal blues rock and technical experimental music ... Taking inspiration from players like Wishes to become the highest payed music director, producer, and musician. He professionally is a qualified AUDIO ENGINEER and Musical Production (technical), which he pursued from Sri Aurobindo Center For Arts & Communication.

Hitesh Garg - Lead Guitarist

Jack - Bassist

Been thru a magical journey in music. He Started his musical journey as a guitarist , learnt from top teachers in Delhi , played in school life on stage for live experience , shifted to bass in college since then won various competitions. He Played with a famous metal band named high frequency. Played at select city walk along 100 musicians at the top the top of their class. Working to bring something new and innovative thru his slaps and pops. He started his career as a Bass guitarist since 2007. He has done grade 7 from trinity college and topped in 2007.

When it comes to the beating of drums, well no one can be better off than this self trained drummer-Pravesh Daniel. Not only trustworthy by nature, but also soft hearted and kind. Since a hard core Metallica fan, his metal beats adds another level to the environment. Not only his drum beats pulls the crowd, but also his head banging attitude on stage is a treat to watch !! He also is a big fan of Sufi music. His biggest inspirations are Dave Lombardo, Mike Portnoy and keenly follows Chris Adler, Porcupine tree, Opeth and many more.

In his free time, one can find him walking down the streets with his earphones plugged in, or most probably hanging out with his best friends. He always finds talking to new people very interesting.

Pravesh Daniel - Drummer

Hemant Juyal - Rhythm Guitar

Hemant Juyal is a multi-instrumentalist with a varied taste in music. Capable of Playing several instruments including Keyboard, Guitar, Flute, Drums, Mouth organ etc., he listens to a wide range of styles including Funk, jazz, Blues and Indian Classical. With a deep love for choir music, he has been a part of Indian classical and Western Choirs and has composed classical pieces for the former. Guiding his Juniors in College as the president of the College Music Society "Timbre" , he performed with various Indian and Western ensembles. After Graduating From University of Delhi With a Degree in Physics, he decided that it was time to pursue music full time as a career and is now collaborates with artists in and out of Delhi.

M.A. Music Production From Leeds Beckett University U.K.

A music enthusiast and a born musician, he is a lover of melodies and an experimentalist at heart, trying out new styles and techniques while using them to create Music. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist who can play many instruments like Keyboard, Guitar,Drums, Flute, Mouth organ and various string instruments. His forte is in playing the Santoor, an Indian Classical Instrument. 

Manav has been into music for the past 16 years, playing instruments, singing and creating melodies of his own. He has also been producing music and providing audio services for the last 5 years. He has done a number of stage shows in India as well as various countries wooing crowds and winning hearts alike.

Manav Doshi established IRIS - The Sound Studio in Delhi, which provides Audio Production & Mixing, Music Production, Music Albums, Voice over Recording and also classes in Music production.

Manav Doshi- Sound Engineer
& Music Producer